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HOW EBAY SELLERS GET THEIR BEST FREIGHT SHIPPING DEALS If your business sells on eBay, you might be under the mistaken impression that only two freight carriers handle freight from eBay sales. Nothing could be further from the truth. While eBay lists only two shipping partners, you have the option …

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MACHINERY TRANSPORT Industrial, medical, CNC and milling machinery are ever more complex and sophisticated, requiring specialized care during transport. From single machine/tool moves to complete machine-shop relocations, Machine transport needs, including: flat and covered transport – securing and protecting  machinery cargo during transport loading of machinery – lifting and loading machinery at point of origin delivery …

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Tips for Cargo Insurance


Despite insurance having been around for centuries, there is still a feeling that any form of insurance is a “grudge purchase”.. By its nature, insurance is an intangible benefit, one that can only be tested under adverse circumstances and there is nothing more adverse than cargo damage.. Local (Street to Street, …

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A professional freight forwarding company : Time line


Timeline is very important to Hire a Professional Freight Forwarding Business A professional freight forwarding company won’t just provide with a good price, but also a firm deadline for when a shipment will arrive at its final destination. While other logistics companies have to struggle to find reliable carriers, to …

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On Time Delivery


Freight forwarding firms hire agents to work for them in different parts of the world. Some companies hire fresh candidates and offer them on-the-job freight broker agents training. The agents contact traders and transportation companies worldwide. Professional forwarding companies guarantee delivery of freight within the agreed time-frame.

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How companies can reduce logistics costs


The #1 tip on how companies can reduce logistics costs is… “One could argue that carrying safety stock will increase ones warehouse costs. Yes. But, consider the alternative and how money, time and relationships can actually be saved: * You are NOT spending hours per day trying to figure out which …

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Handling bulk cargo


Thus it is only with the adoption of unitisation that general cargo carriers have achieved high transfer rates and been able to take advantage of handling techniques similar to those which have been developed for homogeneous cargoes. It is customary to distinguish between vertical and horizontal loading of ships as …

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Cargo Handling


The earliest efforts to increase cargo handling rates were concentrated mainly on the transfer medium, and led to the development of a wide range of mechanical equipment, such as cranes, conveyors etc., which has substantially improved loading and discharging rates, especially for bulk cargoes. General cargo handling has, however, not …

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Cargo loading and discharging


  Cargo loading and discharging The rate at which cargo is loaded aboard or discharged from a ship has a significant bearing upon the overall cost of transport. Excessive time in port deprives consignees of the use of their goods, and ship operators of the use of their vessels. Therefore, …

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Cargo preparations II:-


The shipper has to follow procedures laid down by public authorities as well as commercial practice with regard to packaging, marking and declarations of contents. The marking should embrace at least the following: (a) Destination: Address of the end receiver, transhipment, order-number. (b) Handling instructions: Especially with fragile commodities it …

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