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Tuesday , May 22 2018
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Handling bulk cargo


Thus it is only with the adoption of unitisation that general cargo carriers have achieved high transfer rates and been able to take advantage of handling techniques similar to those which have been developed for homogeneous cargoes. It is customary to distinguish between vertical and horizontal loading of ships as …

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Cargo Handling


The earliest efforts to increase cargo handling rates were concentrated mainly on the transfer medium, and led to the development of a wide range of mechanical equipment, such as cranes, conveyors etc., which has substantially improved loading and discharging rates, especially for bulk cargoes. General cargo handling has, however, not …

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Cargo loading and discharging


  Cargo loading and discharging The rate at which cargo is loaded aboard or discharged from a ship has a significant bearing upon the overall cost of transport. Excessive time in port deprives consignees of the use of their goods, and ship operators of the use of their vessels. Therefore, …

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Cargo preparations II:-


The shipper has to follow procedures laid down by public authorities as well as commercial practice with regard to packaging, marking and declarations of contents. The marking should embrace at least the following: (a) Destination: Address of the end receiver, transhipment, order-number. (b) Handling instructions: Especially with fragile commodities it …

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Cargo preparations for break bulk


Some sort of packaging will normally be a prerequisite for carrying commodities as general cargo, especially in break bulk. Packaging has at least three functions: (a) To protect the goods; (b) To keep a consignment together; (c) To prevent the goods from damaging the environment. Transport usually subjects the cargo …

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Hazardous Goods


  Hazardous goods¬†can be defined as materials or items with hazardous properties which if not properly controlled, may present a potential hazard to human and animal health and safety, the environment and infrastructure.. Hazardous goods must be classified, packaged, marked, labelled and packed as per the regulations set out by …

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