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Monday , June 25 2018

Top Freight Airlines Contd:


The top global airlines are Emirates Emirates is a leading  global airline based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was established in 1985. Emirates is a subsidiary of the Emirates Group. Its hub is at Dubai International Airport and is the largest airline in the Middle East. It operates around …

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Top Freight Airlines Contd:-


A common air cargo supply chain consists of Shipping, Forwarding out, Air Transport, Forwarding in, and Consignment. According to FIATA, air cargo forwarders are the main and important customers for airlines. Forwarders process over 80 percent of international air cargo consignments. Global Figures We can see some figures of the …

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Top Freight Airlines


This article is an overview of the top worldwide airlines, covering the main areas of operations, fleet size, etc. The role of air transport is a small proportion of freight transport. Air cargo represents no more than 0.5 of the weight of all international cargo, and around 30 percent of …

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Intermodal Conveying containers as part of a road/rail or sea/rail/road journey, or ‘piggyback’ services where a lorry trailer is carried on the freight train. Timetabled services run between rail freight terminals, and between terminals and ports. Single-container shipments are accepted: freight forwarders work with the rail freight operators to aggregate …

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Tools for this Industry : Palletizing


Palletizing Large items and multiple boxes should be palletized before shipping. Make sure there is no overhang when boxes are stacked; they have to be distributed squarely. Pallets or skids come in standard sizes (48” x 40”) that can easily be purchased, or ask your local grocer or large retailers …

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What is Consolidated Freight Service ?


WHAT IS CONSOLIDATED FREIGHT SERVICE? Consolidating freight services involves combining multiple LTL freight shipments into a partial or full truckload shipment. Consolidate freight to help optimize your supply chain logistics by saving time and lowering overall cost per unit. Consolidated freight also ships via air and ocean freight, enabling you …

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HOW EBAY SELLERS GET THEIR BEST FREIGHT SHIPPING DEALS If your business sells on eBay, you might be under the mistaken impression that only two freight carriers handle freight from eBay sales. Nothing could be further from the truth. While eBay lists only two shipping partners, you have the option …

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MACHINERY TRANSPORT Industrial, medical, CNC and milling machinery are ever more complex and sophisticated, requiring specialized care during transport. From single machine/tool moves to complete machine-shop relocations, Machine transport needs, including: flat and covered transport – securing and protecting  machinery cargo during transport loading of machinery – lifting and loading machinery at point of origin delivery …

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Tips for Cargo Insurance


Despite insurance having been around for centuries, there is still a feeling that any form of insurance is a “grudge purchase”.. By its nature, insurance is an intangible benefit, one that can only be tested under adverse circumstances and there is nothing more adverse than cargo damage.. Local (Street to Street, …

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A professional freight forwarding company : Time line


Timeline is very important to Hire a Professional Freight Forwarding Business A professional freight forwarding company won’t just provide with a good price, but also a firm deadline for when a shipment will arrive at its final destination. While other logistics companies have to struggle to find reliable carriers, to …

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